Alberto Gamboa Arredondo Hoonsanim

Alberto Gamboa Arredondo Hoonsanim

HKD representative for Latin America and Spain

In the 1980s, the master kwan You CHOI arrived in Chile, at which time he began hapkido practices affiliated with the K.H.A. (Korea Hapkido Association), this is the eagle line, a line that consists of short and strong techniques. In 1984, Master Byong Choon MOON arrived in Chile in order to reinforce the teachings of Master Choi. Moon sabom nim, however, belonged to the I.H.F. (International Hapkido Federation).

A year later both teachers separate and the practice of hapkido of the I.H.F. by Master Moon. In 1990, Moon sa bom nim traveled to the United States to live there, leaving the I.H.F. hapkido school in charge of Professor Alberto Gamboa, who that same year would form the Baedal kwan school (Message School).

Three years later, Gamboa sabom nim requests authorization to contact Korea directly with the leader of the I.H.F. Grand Master Myong Jae Nam (Founding Grand Master of Hankido and Hankumdo).

That same year our teacher traveled to Korea, where the headquarters of Hapkido (I.H.F) is located. In 1994 Gamboa Sabom traveled to Korea again where he took an exam and was promoted to 4th Dan of Hapkido - Hankido, remaining as a direct disciple of Grandmaster Myong Jae Nam. In this way, our teacher managed to form the Bon Bu Jang office (Headquarters and/or head school) of Hapkido - Hankido.

In 1995, Gamboa sabom nim took the official representation exam of the IHHF (International Hapkido Hankido Federation), before a commission of the General Directorate of National Mobilization, dependent on the Ministry of National Defense, thus absolutely defining the MOON MU KWAN school as the only authorized to teach Hankido in the country.

Hankido of the Grand Master Myong Jae Nam. The instruction of HankumDo (Korean sword art) is also incorporated, also being pioneers in this discipline. The school of Chile as Moon Mu Kwan is officialized, when giving exam, our teacher for the degree of Kwan Jang (Head of zone, 5th Dan).

In 1999, Gamboa Kwan Jang traveled to Korea to pay his respects to the late Grand Master Myong Jae Nam, a period in which he also trained and was recognized and promoted to 6th Dan by the current heir to the Myong Kuk sa technique. Nim, his son, Myong Sung Kwang Doju Nim.

In the year 2000, Professor Alberto Gamboa traveled again to Korea with a delegation of 5 people to compete and also pay tribute to Grand Master Myong Jae Nam, (KukSaNim). World Championship in which Chile is awarded the title of WORLD CHAMPION in Hankido and Vice World Champion of Hankumdo, in this way, Professor Alberto Gamboa shows the level of the Hankido school in Chile, qualifying as an excellent Kwan Jang.

In 2002, Professor Alberto Gamboa traveled to Korea again and revalidated the title of world champion together with 10 students in the Hankido World Cup in Korea, Sung Nam City. On that trip Alberto Gamboa Kwan Jang is named by Dojunim and Dosonnim the first and so far the only foreign HOONSA..

In 2004, our professor is legally recognized as the representative for Spain, forming the first Moonmukwan Headquarters abroad, Moon Mu Kwan – Spain. In September 2005, the first HANKIDO seminar in Latin America, organized by CHILE, was held. The Chilean Hankido team revalidates the title for the third time in 2007 in South Korea.

In 2012, he received training in Hapkido, Hankido and Hankumdo and became the first foreigner to take the 7th Dan exam directly in Korea before the examining commission set up for such an event. He is currently the representative for Latin America and Spain of the INTERNATIONAL HKD FEDERATION.

Later, he returned to Spain to help a group of Hapkido Black Belts to relaunch the International HKD Federation Project in Spain. After several years of visits, contacts and seminars, he continues to support the IHF HKD Spain project directed by David Martínez Shibujanim.