The art of Korean swordsmanship...

This art was developed by GM Myung Jae Nam. His intention was to create a martial art specialized in handling the Korean sword that would be affordable and easy for anyone to learn.

As in Hankido, there are 24 techniques that correspond to each of the letters of the Korean alphabet.

The techniques are very easy for Korean practitioners to remember, since the cuts made with the sword mimic the movements necessary to trace the characters of the Korean alphabet (Hangul).

For foreign practitioners, it is advisable to learn the Korean writing system beforehand. Hangul is quite easy to learn, and just a week is enough to be able to read the simplest syllables, so foreign practitioners can learn Hankumdo as easily as Korean practitioners.

The hankumdo includes, in addition to cutting techniques with the sword, a great variety of techniques such as disarming or empty hand techniques.

Basic techniques of Hankumdo

The basis of all Hankumdo techniques is Hangul. Hangul is composed of 24 characters, 14 consonants (자음 "Chaum") and 10 vowels (모음 "Moum"). Four basic movements are used to write the characters with the sword:

  1. Neryo Begui (내려베기) - Descending vertical cut.
  2. Biskyeo Begui (빗겨베기) - Diagonal Cut Down.
  3. Chirugi (찌르기) - Frontal attack.
  4. Makki (막기) - Defense.
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