Myong Sung Kwang Dojunim

Myong Sung Kwang Dojunim

Direct line heir...

Dojunim Sung Kwang Myung, is the eldest son of Grandmaster Myong Jae Nam, therefore he is the direct line heir.

Being the eldest son of the founder of the style, Dojunim was familiar with Hankido from his first steps. At the age of three he had already started, perhaps with the innocence of a child or even with the responsibility of an heir.

He was one of the few children in Korea who did not practice Taekwondo, he only did it when he completed his mandatory military service, when he served as a teacher's assistant (of TKD) due to his obvious conditions. He also practiced Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Dojunim has become a leader at a very early age, for this reason perhaps there is not much information on the web and it has also been difficult for him to carry out his work since in the Federation there are Masters who are 20 and 30 years older than him.

In the year 2000 he managed to get our federation legal personality, being the International HKD Federation the first to get this recognition from the government. He also founded JAE NAM MOOSOOLWON, thus honoring the late Grandmaster Myong Jae Nam.

With resounding success, it has organized the World Hankido Games from the year 2000 to date. He also organized the National Hapkido Hankido and Hankumdo Games in South Korea in memory of Myong Jae Nam Kuksanim that have been held since 2003 to date.

In 1999 he officially recognized Professor Alberto Gamboa as a direct disciple and in 2005 he visited Chile giving a successful seminar together with Master Ko Ju Shik.

In 2009, after his tireless management, the Korean Ministry of Culture recognized Hankido as a Traditional martial art. Currently, Dojunim Myong Sung Kwang conducts his studies parallel to the practice of Hankido, finishing in 2015 his thesis called: 한기도의 정체성 탐구 [A Study on the HANKIDO Identity].