Ko Ju Shik Dosonim

Ko Ju Shik Dosonim

Global Technical Director...

Dosonim, 9th Dan of Hankido, owner of a charisma that captivates in Korea and throughout the world, also holds the 8th Dan of Taekwondo and was an outstanding student of Grand Master Myong Jae Nam (Grand Master Founder of Hankido and Hankumdo).

He is currently in charge of maintaining and exalting the technique of the different Kwan Jangs of the world.

He is also the Director of the "DEMO TEAM" of South Korea from the year 2000 to date. The DEMO TEAM is a group of HKD (Hapkido / Hankido / Hankumdo) practitioners, who travel around the world offering exhibitions of the incredible technique of the International HKD Federation.

A fundamental and loyal support for Dojunim in the difficult moments of Kuksanim's departure in 1999.

Creator of the Dae Han Moo Sool HKD Academy. Since the time of Kuksanim's passing, Ko Dosonnim has dedicated his full time to the study and development of Hankido and Hankumdo and has traveled the world giving basic and advanced seminars in these disciplines.